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Our home in Australia influences every part of our culture and recipes. Though we source the best ingredients from all around the world, we’re a little biased to Australia’s beautiful green pastures. They produce most of what we use. We take pride in staying true to who we are and keeping our sense of place.

Simplicity is found in more than just our recipes; it’s in the way we live. From surfing the Australian coast to building the perfect snowman, we find it’s the little things that keep us smiling. This philosophy can be found in everything we do here at Thomas Farms Kitchen.

Sustainability is in our roots. Sourcing the best ingredients from around the world, we’ve seen firsthand the impact that even the smallest choices can make. We love the planet we live on and want to give the next generation everything and more.

Healthy living starts with clean eating, which is why we’re so passionate about what we do. We understand everyone’s lifestyle is different, but we hope we can provide a simple step in the right direction.

Fresh, home-cooked meals should be gathered around, not stressed over. That’s why we provide ready-to-cook meat products, prepared with everything you need. This means more family time and less fuss in the kitchen. And that’s something we can give you, something we’re pretty darn proud of.